About Us

Middlesex Light Blues Club

The Middlesex Light Blues Club (MLBC) has traditionally catered to Freemasons who have not yet attained a Provincial rank after becoming Master Masons. However, the club now welcomes all Middlesex Freemasons, irrespective of rank. With members ranging from entered apprentices to Assistant Provincial Grand Masters, the MLBC offers Freemasons the opportunity to enhance their Masonic journey, deepen their understanding of the craft, and forge lasting connections with like-minded brethren. By joining the growing club through its website (https://mlbc.uk), members can benefit from a supportive environment that fosters personal growth and strengthens the bonds of brotherhood.

MLBC members enjoy exclusive access to an array of events and activities, including lodge visits, social gatherings, and educational workshops. These occasions allow Light Blues to actively engage with the Masonic community, learn from experienced brethren, and participate in the club's enjoyable ventures. Membership in the MLBC broadens one's Masonic horizons while also enabling them to make a positive impact on society.

The MLBC's 'Members Plus' membership allows new Freemasons to connect with like-minded individuals beyond their personal Lodge's boundaries and receive support from seasoned members dedicated to helping their fellow brethren advance in their Masonic journey. This invaluable resource empowers members to acquire essential knowledge, ask questions, and develop their understanding of the craft in a nurturing and friendly atmosphere. The 'Members Plus' membership is a vital component of the MLBC experience and plays a crucial role in fostering brotherly bonds and experiencing diverse events.

The Middlesex Light Blues Club is dedicated to building robust connections with other clubs and Masonic organizations throughout the United Kingdom and beyond. As a member, you will have the chance to interact with Freemasons from various provinces, backgrounds, and experiences, exposing you to diverse perspectives and traditions. This exposure will enrich your Masonic journey and help you cultivate a deeper appreciation for the universality of the craft.

Finally, joining the MLBC is an investment in your personal growth as a Freemason. Participating in the club's events and activities will hone your leadership, communication, and teamwork skills, all of which are critical qualities of a successful Master Mason. Embracing the MLBC experience will help you develop these attributes, ensuring you are well-prepared to contribute to the progress and prosperity of your lodge and the broader Masonic community.

Member Plus is only £2 a month (paid annually), and you can join the day you are initiated.


Monthly invitations to other lodges

Experience different lodges across the Province of Middlesex, including: special ceremonies, different workings, fantastic festive boards, masonic talks and Provincial events.


Exclusive trips to a wide variety of attractions

Join our masonic trips and events in and outside of the province, including: trips to landmarks with masonic significance, tours of interesting masonic buildings and talks on other Masonic Orders.


Social events and
masonic support

Meet other Freemasons in an informal environment, engage with them at our regular social, family events. Join our social forums where you can ask questions and take your daily advancement.