About Us

Middlesex Light Blues Club

The Middlesex Light Blues Club provides a means of getting together, to encourage friendship, open discussion and inter-lodge visiting from members of Lodges meeting in Twickenham, Harrow, Uxbridge, Staines and Southgate Masonic centres.

Not only that! We aim to organise events, both fun and entertaining, sometimes for the Families of Light Blue Freemasons but also days where men get to play with big boy toys or days out of mischief and fun.  There is no dress code and regalia is not worn on days out, so it's about friendship and a chance for sharing great times with fellow brothers. The Light Blues Club is a great way to meet fellow Brethren in a different light to the Lodge atmosphere. Wives, partners and any friends who are Non-Masons are also welcome.

Membership is only a £2 a month (paid annually), and you can join the day you are initiated. A ‘ light blue ‘ is a freemason that is without Provincial Rank.


Monthly invitations to other lodges

Experience different lodges across the Province of Middlesex, including: special ceremonies, different workings, fantastic festive boards, masonic talks and Provincial events.


Exclusive trips to a wide variety of attractions

Join our masonic trips and events in and outside of the province, including: trips to landmarks with masonic significance, tours of interesting masonic buildings and talks on other Masonic Orders.


Social events and
masonic support

Meet other Freemasons in an informal environment, engage with them at our regular social, family events. Join our social forums where you can ask questions and take your daily advancement.