BROTHERLY Love, Relief and truth

Get More From Your Masonry by Having Some Fun and Helping Others. Every one from the minute they are initiated or join a Middlesex Lodge, even when they receive Provincial honours are able to become a member of the Middlesex Light Blues Club.


Our Philosophy

strengthen the masonic bonds in new masons

We all lead very busy lives without even trying, so finding time for each other and our fellow brothers is something that has to come naturally, but there are things we can do to help that path. Our aim is to help brothers find moments of time that are mutually interesting which then develops the natural bonds we all seek. We are all on a journey, and that journey is not written until it has happened.


Light Blues Events

As well as organising social events throughout the year, the Club has two meetings per annum and we want you to be a part of it.


Middlesex Light Blues Has Changed

Membership for the Middlesex Light Blues Club is open to Freemasons who live, work or meet in and around the boundaries of the old county of Middlesex and are yet to receive Provincial honours or promotion, past or present, in any Masonic Province or District.

Our Mission - To strengthen brotherly bonds and to create fun, social moments for Middlesex Freemasons and their families.

For more information about the Middlesex Light Blues Club, or to apply for membership please contact:-

W.Bro Leon Hubbard – 07983 363322 Email:

or Bro David North - 07831 607189 Email:


Freemasons Hall Tour 2019

22 March 2019

Middlesex Light Blues Club, Adventure in Great Queen Street.

Once Upon a Time, in a Land far, far, away….. Near Holborn Station. The ‘New, Improved’, Middlesex Light Blues Club had their first Visit of 2019!!

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Demonstration and Explanation of a ‘1st Degree Ceremony’

06 July 2018

The Middlesex Masonic Light Blues Club presented Prince Michael of Kent Lodge who gave an entertaining and informative Demonstration and Explanation of a ‘1st Degree Ceremony’ this was followed by […]

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Tour Of Freemasons’ Hall

06 July 2018

[container_effect ][html ]On a freezing morning of Saturday 17th March 2018 Members of the Middlesex Light Blues Club gathered at Freemasons Hall, Great Queens Street, London for a tour of […]

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Terra Masonica. Around The World In 80 Lodges

24 February 2018

On the Saturday Morning the 24th February 2018, the Middlesex Masonic Light Blues Club presented ‘Saturday Morning at the Masonic Flicks’. After which the MBLC held their Annual General Meeting […]

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Freemasons Of The American Wild West

24 February 2018

“The American Wild West – I would suggest are words which are familiar to all who read comics and watched films and television when young. And I think you will […]

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