Windsor & Eton Riverside Brewery – Beer and Good Company, what more does a Mason want!

Windsor & Eton Riverside Brewery – Beer and Good Company, what more does a Mason want!

It is said often that when all our secrets are locked up and our rooms are no longer close tiled, a Freemason looks forward to the first Pint. So what better way to round of the end of season event for the Middlesex Light Blues with a visit to the Windsor & Eton Brewery.

The buzz was palpable: no sooner had we announced the event than every slot was snapped up by eager members and their guests.

Our very own Bro Guy Dunk, a former brewery employee, played an instrumental role in orchestrating this memorable evening.

As the clock struck 6 pm, a gathering of 20 enthusiastic members and guests filled the bar area, their excitement tangible. Our charismatic guide, “Wildcat” Willie, set the tone, serving us each a half pint of the renowned ‘Guardsman’. Drink in hand, we delved deep into the brewery’s heart where magic unfolds.

The evening was a sensory journey: the rawness of ingredient selection, the rich texture of grains, barley, and hops, and the intricate craftsmanship that birthed a variety of beers and lagers. A revelation was the brewing duration disparity between beer and lager. Windsor & Eton Brewery, a champion of authentic, natural methods, dedicates up to ten times longer for lager, accentuating its exquisite taste.

Our evening wasn’t just educational; it was delectable. Our palates danced between six different drinks, each revealing its unique story. And as we soaked in more knowledge atop the private bar area, a buffet awaited our indulgence.

R W Bro Peter smelling the hops!
R W Bro Peter smelling the hops!

As the tour culminated, conversations flowed as freely as the beer. A pleasant surprise was the presence of the Middlesex Light Blues President, R W Bro Peter R.A. Baker ProProvGM, alongside his wife, Sarah. Their camaraderie elevated the night, cementing the special bond among members.

As the main part of the tour wound down, all the members stayed on to chat and carry on sampling the various choices on offer.

To mark the season’s close and R W Bro Peter Baker’s stepping down as President of MLBC and Pro Provincial Grand Master for Middlesex, the evening took a heartwarming turn. With gratitude brimming, we honoured Peter’s years of dedicated service with a specially engraved Glass Crystal Plaque, symbolizing our collective pride and gratitude.

W Bro David North (Club Secretary), R W Bro Peter Baker (President), W Bro Leon Hubbard (Chairman), Bro Iain Raymond (Membership Officer)
Presentation Plaque for R W Bro Peter R A Baker
R W Bro Peter R A Baker and His wife, Sarah Baker

Members and Guests who attended: Peter Baker, Sarah Baker, Michael Karn, Eileen Karn, David North, Leon Hubbard, Iain Raymond, Charles Booker, Delroy Underwood, Ashish Kirtikar, Sebastian Walkiewicz, Kevin Stepney, Daniel Mazur, Lou Apcevski, Jim Owens, Vernon Watts, Malcolm Smith, Graham Davidson, Barry Hancock, Liam Kenny