Terra Masonica. Around The World In 80 Lodges

Terra Masonica. Around The World In 80 Lodges

On the Saturday Morning the 24th February 2018, the Middlesex Masonic Light Blues Club presented ‘Saturday Morning at the Masonic Flicks’. After which the MBLC held their Annual General Meeting which took place at the Uxbridge Masonic Centre. The Event was open to the whole of the Province including Dark Blues, Family and Friends.

As advertised it was a fantastic morning not to be missed. The MLBC screened the amazing masonic documentary “TERRA MASONICA – Around the world in 80 lodges”. This new film explored the extraordinary world of Freemasonry and its culture on five continents.

What is Freemasonry today? Who are the Freemasons and what do they do?

These simple questions have never really been treated from a global perspective. After its official creation in London in 1717, Freemasonry quickly spread to all continents. For 300 years, specific entities have been created, differentiated by country and local realities. This world tour in 80 lodges outlined the similarities and contrasts between lodges on the five continents. For the first time, the real Freemasonry was explored, from Patagonia to Lapland, from the USA to India, in 80 lodges. The oldest lodges on each continent, as well as the most peculiar lodges, were discovered. TERRA MASONICA talked to ordinary Freemasons and explored their current reality. These Freemasons were met in their daily lives. Listening to their views of the world, their questions, and doubts in an ever-changing world. It tried to understand the influence of the local context that defines the characteristics of each masonry.

The Event opened at 9:00 am with free tea and coffee being served. The film started at 09:45 and lasted around two hours. After the film, W.Bro Leon Hubbard thanked everyone who came to the screening of this most enlightening Film and all who attended said that they thoroughly enjoyed it. There then was a short discussion after which all the Dark Blues, Family and Friends then retired to the Bar whilst the Light Blues remained for the MLBC AGM which followed.

The MLBC Secretary W.Bro Leon Hubbard thanked all the Light Blues who remained behind for the AGM. It gave the Members the chance to vote for the officers of the Club as well as welcoming feedback and comments on any issues. During its business, he asked Members for ideas for future events. He also stressed to the Members that the MLBC was their Club and that it vitally needed the support from its members to keep it going and to keep it alive. With their support, he was looking forward to the future and taking the Club forward. The Light Blues then retired to the Bar and Dining Room joining the others for a buffet lunch and refreshments giving the Brethren chance to have a chat, get to know each other and discuss the Film further.


For more information about the Middlesex Light Blues Club, or to apply for membership please contact:-

W.Bro Mark Sweeney – 07889035316 Email: marksweeney@mmlbc.co.uk

or W. Bro Leon Hubbard – 07983 363322 Email: leonhubbard@btinternet.com