Freemasons Hall Tour 2019

Freemasons Hall Tour 2019

Middlesex Light Blues Club, Adventure in Great Queen Street

Once Upon a Time, in a Land far, far, away….. Near Holborn Station,
The ‘New, Improved’, Middlesex Light Blues Club had their first Visit of 2019!!

Forty Two, Hardy Light Blues, Wives & Guests, braved the London Saturday Morning frenzy, to visit Freemasons Hall, home of the United Grand Lodge of England. The Oldest Grand Lodge in The World.

The Early morning meeting point of Shakespeare’s Head Tavern, Holborn, proved extremely suitable, as everybody tucked into a either small breakfast, coffee, or ‘beverage of choice’. [Breakfast Gin & Tonic for Me, as this article may show].
Our 30+ Minutes meet here proved excellent as an ice-breaker, because so many were new to our Light Blues Club, and even Freemasons Hall itself, on their first visit.

Being ably led by Party Leader W.Bro Rick Beets, [assisted by me, W.Bro David Harvey], we quickly introduced everybody, and I was pleasantly surprised at the vast cross-section of people in our Party.
I Counted Two very recent Initiates, Three Fellowcrafts, a plethora of varied experienced Light Blues, at least Four Wives, Several Masters/IPMs, a couple of very welcomed ‘Dark Blues’, ‘a ‘Light Blue’ Partridge in a Pear Tree, and 2/3 Non-Mason Guests all interest in joining.  [Did you spot the read test?]

After a Three minute walk to Freemasons Hall, the party started its visit in The Library and Museum, where we were met and led competently throughout, by Colin T Gurnett MBE JP LL.B.
Before setting off, we fitted in a couple of latecomers and fantastically, Two Fellow Masons from Belguim, Jenny & Dirk, [Yes, some Mixed Lodges in Belguim, interesting indeed], who asked politely if they could join out private tour, as they had only a small window in London that day. I Obviously agreed, and introduced them ‘en masse’, to applause, lol

From the Library and Museum we navigated the Art Deco Marbled Corridors to start in the Hallstone Foyer, commemorating all the ‘Hallstone Lodges’ who raised a Million Pounds to build this fantastic building as a memorial to the 3,000 members who died on active service in the Great War. 

I conscripted, the Two Entered Apprentices as ‘Door Stewards’ [good training for later careers], and Belgium Guest Jenny, as Team Photographer, so we could navigate our Large party smoothly, and record the moments for posterity.

Colin, explained in full the fantastic stories behind the various stained Glass Windows, Pictures and Mosaics, along the spectacular way before we finally came to the huge Bronze Doors of Grand Temple.
Here the emotion of this experience really stated to make the hairs on the neck stand, as the full description of these doors, then walking through them into the Grand Temple proves breathtaking. [You must visit if you have not]
We took Seats in Temple, and the Officers chairs even, [Middx Walking Football Manager, Stephen Hiles, commandeering the Masters Chair],  for more clarity of explanation from Colin about these wondrous surroundings.

To Finish W.Bro Rick had a quick practice on the temple organ, [he was not too bad], while more pictures were taken.

Then Hands were shaken, Cards exchanged, I reminded ALL about the upcoming Light Blues club AGM, Sat 13th April, 9am Harrow, as a departing shot of Business, and we all departed happily home, with most stopping for a ‘refreshment’ in Hercules Pillars opposite, [Excellent Guinness, on St Patricks Day.]

Thanks, Colin, Rick, and ALL for your Help and making it an extremely Pleasant Day.

Authored by W.Bro. David Harvey