Freemasons Of The American Wild West

Freemasons Of The American Wild West

“The American Wild West – I would suggest are words which are familiar to all who read comics and watched films and television when young. And I think you will agree there is something special about those words Wild West. It conjures up thoughts of Cowboys, Indians, Wagon Trains, Gun Slingers, Sheriffs, Outlaws, and really draws on the imagination of a young boy. Today I will tell you about some of the men who gained fame during those early days in America: Frontiersmen, Plainsmen, Cowboys, Indians; and then the film stars and others who immortalised the Wild West. All with the one thing in common – they were Freemasons!”  

W.Bro Mike Karn


The Middlesex Light Blues Club presented another highly and most entertaining interactive talk, held at Staines Masonic Hall on the morning of Saturday 18th November 2017. MLBC Members along with family and some Non Masonic Friends from around the Province were, on this occasion again, treated a highly enjoyable and extremely interesting interactive talk given by W. Bro Mike Karn on:

“Freemasons of the American Wild West”


The Doors opened at 0930 a.m. with tea and coffee which gave everyone a chance to meet and greet as well as getting know and to have a chat with each other.

Mike Karn’s presentation started at about 10 am and his talk covered historic figures from the Battle of the Alamo: William Travis, Davy Crockett, Jim Bowie, General Santa Anna. Frontiersmen: Daniel Boon, Kit Carson, Buffalo Bill. Lawmen: Pat Garret, Wyatt Earp. Native Indians: Tribal Chiefs of the Shawnee, Mohicans and Mohawks. Cowboy Actors: From Gene Autry and Roy Rogers to Hopalong Cassidy and John Wayne plus much more besides! It was concluded by a short round of questions and Mike was warmly applauded and congratulated for his most enjoyable and absorbing presentation.

The event was also available to watch on Facebook via a ‘Live Feed’ courtesy of Bro David North – Royal Hanover Lodge and MLBC Committee Member. We initially had 14 watching live followed by well over 300 that watched during and after the Event.

Brethren and Guests then retired for tea and coffee giving the Brethren another chance to have a chat with each other.




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