Demonstration and Explanation of a ‘1st Degree Ceremony’

Demonstration and Explanation of a ‘1st Degree Ceremony’

The Middlesex Masonic Light Blues Club presented Prince Michael of Kent Lodge who gave an entertaining and informative Demonstration and Explanation of a ‘1st Degree Ceremony’ this was followed by an interesting and enlightening presentation by Middlesex Masonic Sports Association given by RW. Bro Roger Croome QPM PProPGM. After which the MBLC held their Annual General Meeting which took place at the Harrow District Masonic Centre on the morning of Saturday 18th March 2017.

As advertised it was a fantastic morning not to be missed. We were treated to an amazing 1st Degree Ceremony that was very expertly presented, demonstrated and explained by the members of Prince Michael of Kent Lodge No.9120, which is the Stewards Lodge of Middlesex (they wear a red apron). All who attended thoroughly enjoyed the Ceremony and for some of the Brethren, it was the first time they had seen the Ceremony since undergoing it themselves.

The demonstration explained what the degree meant, why we carry out certain parts of the Ceremony and helped to understand the experience when taking the first regular step in Masonry. It also highlighted the differences in Ritual for some present between Emulation (as favoured by the Province) and other rituals such as Taylors, West End and Universal to name but a few. This was avidly discussed in questions and answers after the ceremony.

Previous to the AGM and due to W. Bro John Briggs other commitments, W.Bro Mark Sweeney proposed that £200.00 be donated to the End to End Event on behalf of the MBLC, which Members voted unanimously in favour. A cheque for £200.00 was then presented to W.Bro John Briggs for the End to End event.

W. Bro John Briggs then congratulated the MLBC on achieving and becoming a Vice Patron of the 2020 Festival and presented W.Bro Mark Sweeney a Certificate for the achievement, which he accepted on behalf of the MLBC.


Middlesex Masonic Sports Association (MMSA)

RW. Bro Roger Croome QPM PProPGM of the Middlesex Masonic Sports Association (MMSA) gave a very informative and interesting presentation about the MMSA. He explained the idea and concept of Freemasonry and Sport going hand in hand. He then introduced various sports which he asked various representatives to comment on highlighting Football, Cricket, Cycling, Shooting and Walking Football. Also mentioned were Badminton, Sailing, Fishing, Diving, Motor Sports and Bowls. He then invited Members of the MLBC present to commit to a Pledge to attend or take part in one of the sports and try to convince others such as others in their Lodges, Friends and Family to come along or go with them.

This was followed by the MLBC AGM, MLBC Chairman W. Bro Mark Sweeney thanked Prince Michael of Kent Lodge for a fantastic demonstration of a 1st Degree Ceremony and RW. Bro Roger Croome plus the various Members of the MMSA for their very informative presentation. During its business, Secretary W. Bro Leon Hubbard asked members for ideas for future events. He also stressed to the Members that the MLBC was their Club and that it vitally needed the support from its members to keep it going and to keep it alive. With their support, he was looking forward to the future and taking the Club forward. Everyone then retired to the Bar and Dining Room for a buffet lunch and refreshments giving the Brethren another chance to have a chat and get to know each other.


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